Baton Rouge Cartoonist Society

Recent Art Additions

Bring on the Bad Guys added by EVB

Marvel Card Game added by EVB

Gym Leader Courtney added by Shane

Attack on Death Egg added by Shane

Cajun Clean Gator added by Strickart

The Idler Wheel added by Strickart

Nostalgiagasm Sketch added by Strickart

Art Jam Poster added by EVB

Barda added by EVB

On Your Guard added by EVB

Re-Draw added by EVB

added by Josh

Bounty Hunter #1
added by EVB

Old Design, New Colors added by EVB

Fiona Apple added by Daniel

The Value of Family added by Daniel

Viola added by Daniel

added by Shane

Ro-bits iiiii added by Strickart

Rin added by Ashton

Backwards Alien Folk
by Strickart

Fleur de Link by Shane

Convict added by Kevin

Morten added by EVB

Diona Barq added by Shane

Aqua the Last Keyblade Master added by Shane

Diona Barq Post-Escape added by Shane

Elmira Stagg in Color added by Strickart

Elmira Stagg added by Strickart

Convict in Color and Convict in B&W added by Robert

Neefy and Tenora Preview added by Strickart

Wreckage I, Wreckage II, Wreckage III, Wreckage IV added by Strickart

Olivia Doomboxx added by Strickart

Durty Rat added by Strickart

Rumpelstiltskin Shade added by Strickart

Page 1 by Ethan

THELBERT updated by Ethan

Jubilee Con Sketch added by Strickart

Ichthylena added by Strickart

Corazon added by Strickart

Straya added by Strickart

Alien Tech added by Erik

THELBERT updated by Ethan


art by EVB

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